Tuesday, 28 July 2015

BBA 2015 Postponed

BBA 2015 Postponed

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Monday, 21 July 2014

Pokello Nare, going with the handle Queen of Swagger All Day Every Day on Instagram shared some stylish outfit she wore in the past few days. We have collected them all and put them together, see what style you like the best..

Queen of Swagger, All Day Every Day - Past Week's Fashion Wear

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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Popular rapper and former All Stars runners-up, Prezzo, has been in the limelight of late, but for all the wrong reasons. Prezzo who has since dyed his hair, was spotted dangerously handling a gun with his girlfriend, while in public. The gun was taken away from his possession, but sources close to him indicate that he got it back after pleading with the officers in that Mukoni area.

Since he attended BET 2014 awards, things seemed to have cooled down around him, but not with this recent photo that was published on his social media account. In the photo, Prezzo is seen holding tightly a mysterious girl in a very suggestive way, with his hand firmly touching her behind.

Surprisingly, the mysterious girl on the other hand seemed to be quite comfortable with posture. We could easily say that she was just a random model, but not after reading this caption Prezzo posted below the picture he posted ..
Me & her jst the 2 of us, iam finna put a ring on this #AngelEyes #QueenWithTheCrown #TrulyUnruly
Remember Dillish winning the crown during BBA The Chase finale? On a closer look at the photo, the girl closely resembles Dillish. She clearly has high definition hair, with the right skin tone .. but we were not able to verify her identity. See the photo

prezzo dillish mathews

Is Kenya's Prezzo Dating Dillish Mathews?!

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Just when you think you've seen it all, she puts new head-turning pictures making your jaws to drop. This is why they call her The Boss Lady. From tw3rking videos, these are the new photos she has posted on her Instagram page.

This is the side of Huddah you probably didn't see in Big Brother Africa, The Chase!

Huddah Monroe is wishing you a Good Night...

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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

"There is no Back Door"

Accra - Ghana. The Ninth Edition of Africa’s biggest reality series, Big Brother Africa BBA, kicks off in September.

Already, Ghanaians who are interested in representing Ghana in this year’s Big-Brother Africa have started buzzing and knocking the doors of some ex-Ghanaian representatives to see how best they can assist them into the house.

One of Ghana’s representatives in the Big Brother ‘The chase’ edition, Selly seems, to be facing more pressure from her fans and social media friends, asking her to assist them with easy links to enter into the house.

Speaking to Razz Newspaper, Reporter (Mustapha Inusah)she confirmed that, it’s true that people are buzzing her phones and her social media with messages, asking her to assist them in any means to find their way into the BBA house and also help them pass through back door.

She said that, as far as she’s concerned, there’s no back door or any connections to entering into the BBA house. Talking about how she got into the BBA house, she said that her situation was based on luck because she didn’t know what BBA was and also, she was not a real fan of the show until she got into the house.

Talking about which kind of candidate she wishes should be selected and can go on to win the ultimate price of Ghana this time round, she gave the attributes of the fellow as someone who’s Bold, tolerant, with good personality, someone who can attract votes in other countries and someone who can easily understand other peoples culture because BBA is full of surprises.

She added that , she will not advise anyone not to go to BBA, ‘Although I will only go back to the BBA house when I am called again , only if I can be assured that there will not be shower hour and also the possibility of me winning the money. I will not advise anyone not to go to BBA because the benefits in it are huge’ she added.

Adding her voice to the debate across African countries about the fact that BBA Africa does not depict and speak well of the African rich culture, she mentioned, ‘I Don’t think BBA should be blamed for some of the bad cultures that goes on in the house . It’s the individuals that go into the house that needs to be blamed because anyone who enters the house is cautioned against his or her conduct.’

Talking about the various nude pictures that come in the public domain during the shower hour, she said that she doesn’t believe that the African culture tells that when when one is bathing, one should put on shirts and pants, so if the various representatives in the BBA house bathe and it manages to come out during the shower hour, she doesn’t think one need to blame them or blame BBA producers because that’s the format of the program.

As it stands now , BBA auditions have already began , with entry opened to the same 14 countries with the exceptions of Angola which will be replaced by newcomer , Rwanda as a results of the change participating countries this year are Botswana , Ethiopia, Ghana , Keyan, Malawi,Namibia,Nigeria,Sierra Leone,Rewanda, South Africa , Tanzania , Uganda , Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Enteries are only opened to persons aged 21 and above , who are citizens of one of the participating countries and must have a valid passport , producers are looking for people who are entertaining and passionate about BBA experience , hopefuls must be fluent in English.

There Is No Back Door To Big Brother Africa – Selly

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It was Sdu Gerasch’s third time auditioning for Big Brother Africa. She’s starting to realise that if you’re a woman, it’s about how little you wear and how willing you are to talk about your sex life.

Many people dream of becoming a celebrity. It’s not that hard any more because you don’t have to come from an affluent family, be good at sports or get great academic marks. Reality TV has made the dreams of many hopeful celebrity wannabes come true.

I had my reservations when I went to audition for the ninth season of one of the most watched reality TV shows on the continent, Big Brother Africa.

This was my third time auditioning and I was almost sure that I would make it this time, reach the top two and be able to represent South Africa in the house.

The weather was not friendly at all. Joburg around this time of year is freezing. My friend Ola warned me to bring warm clothes, but hey, I didn’t listen. I rocked my boots, torn jeans, vest and a blazer.

I arrived late and was told that registration was over and they couldn’t help me. I told them that I had come all the way from Durban. Luckily, one of the senior guys helped me and allowed me to audition.
The line was still long. Out of the 250 people who turned up, only 25 had been selected to go through to the second round. I had my fingers crossed that I would be one of them.

While waiting to be called in, I was already shivering from the cold weather. It must have been about 6°C. A few housemate hopefuls were auditioning in their summer clothes – hot pants, crop tops and sheer stockings. They were wearing loads of make-up and tacky weaves. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought I was at the wrong audition.

Finally, my turn came. Because I’d done this before, I wasn’t nervous at all. I got there and told the guy who was auditioning me who I was.

He immediately asked me whether I was South African because of my “exotic” surname and the way I looked. After I made it clear that I was South African, he asked me what my talents were. I thought he was joking, so I asked him if talking a lot counts as a talent.

He then asked me why I wanted to be part of the Big Brother ­household. What cracked me up the most was when I had to select one picture from a bunch laid out on the table that would describe me the best. To my horror, none of the ­pictures there really described me. There was a jellyfish, snowy mountains, a screaming girl, flowers, polar bears and birds.

After that was said and done, I exited the room. Only one person was selected from our group – a young woman in hot pants and cherry-red lipstick. Not that I was surprised, because when you looked at the women who got a golden ticket, most of them were dressed in rather revealing clothes.

A well-known entertainment personality who didn’t want to be named was horrified by her audition. They asked her what her favourite sex ­position was. She responded that she hadn’t had sex in years, but missionary style used to be her favourite.

Yes, we understand it’s Big Brother and anything can happen in the house, but seriously, this left a bitter taste in my mouth. We know that good girls don’t make the news, but what happened to being yourself? I can only conclude that if you want to audition for a show like this, you should be prepared to sell your soul to the devil. I guess I will be seeing them again next year.
Big Brother Africa season nine will be screened live on DStv channels 197 and 198 from Sunday, September 7. GOtv audiences will be able to watch highlights of the show

The post I auditioned for Big Brother appeared first on City Press.

I auditioned for Big Brother Afroca [Real Audition Experience]

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Mombasa - Kenya. Africa’s biggest reality series, the Big Brother Africa is back. The reality series is expected  to start  on 7th September.  There is already a list of the shortlisted individuals expected to represent the country in the big brother house.

One of the said shortlisted candidate is a Mombasa based actress Elizabeth Bana. She is currently studying movie productions at Coastal films productions. She has also been nominated to take part in three upcoming movies namely, babe, ultimate decision and pay back all  of which are productions of the coastal films productions. Elizabeth is also a model.

Other names in the list according to pulse include Shaffie Weru , Mohammed Ali, Vera Sidika, Rispa Faith and Shanky Radics.

Check out Elizabeth Bana's Pictures

elizabeth bana big brother africa

elizabeth bana big brother africa
Source: Mombasaads

Meet the Hot sexy actress from Mombasa who has been shortlisted for Big Brother Africa

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Zimbabwe's Big Brother Africa finalists have gone to South Africa

Five finalists who auditioned to represent Zimbabwe in Big Brother Africa Season 9 are set to leave for South Africa this week where two housemates will be selected.

The auditions held at the Meikles Hotel by the producers of the show, Endemol South Africa at the weekend saw some well known faces among them Brian Nyawo, BaShupi, Mudiwa, Butterfly, Tatea DaMC, Taurai Mandebvu, Jefferson Muserera, Hillary Indi, Brian Chiyangwa and Thomas Chizhanje (CST) queuing at the hotel.

Multiple-award winning gospel singer Mudiwa, who was spotted smartly dressed denied ever doing auditions.

"I didn't go for BBA auditions but I had a meeting there with Mr Chigwana and someone just told me that one of my high school friends was auditioning so I just passed by to say hie. I was in my swag and people thought I was there to compete.

"This is a free country I see no reasons why Mudiwa can't be anywhere. The rumours are not true. The reality show is not my kind of thing," he said.

Would-be contestants went through first and second rounds of the auditions before the top five finalists were picked.

The hopefuls were then asked to describe Zimbabwe in three words and to choose a picture as well as explaining what it meant.

The question that many have asked is how many housemates there will be this year from each country as "Biggie" is known for surprises.

Those who will represent Zimbabwe will be announced in September on the first night of the show.

However, Zimbabwean contestants have become known for their competitiveness at the continental reality series with Munya Chidzonga finishing second in the 2010 Big Brother All Stars season and Tapuwa Mhere, who came third in the first season of Big Brother Africa.

Wendall Parson is the only Zimbabwean housemate who walked away US$200 000 during the Big Brother Africa - Amplified.

According to rules of entry, all persons over the age of 21, who are citizens of one of the participating countries and have a valid passport, can enter Big Brother Africa 9.

Big Brother Africa Zim finalists off to South Africa

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Kampala - Uganda

mary luswata

Motor-mouthed Urban TV presenter Mary Luswata has been denied a chance to represent Uganda in the Big Brother Africa house. 

Mary who was ready for auditions that took place on Monday and Tuesday at the Kampala Sheraton hotel was disappointed when judges refused to shortlist her among the top celebs to represent Uganda in the biggest reality show in Africa. 

“She simply talks too much and could easily cause trouble in the house,” revealed a source who is privy to the judge’s decision.


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Mzamo from BBM South Africa releases debut single

After his sad departure from Big Brother, Mzamo Gcabashe took some time off to think about what his next big move would be and now it has been revealed for the world to see. The ex Big Brother contestant has released his first single, entitled Turn Around which has got people talking frantically.

Mzamo was first on Big Brother Mzansi last year, but after leaving the show, he found himself an opportunity within the music industry and has now released his debut single.

Gcabashe is currently signed on to one of the country’s biggest recording companies, Native Rhythms. “Entertainment was calling my name, I just knew this was where I belonged,” Mzamo said on his decision to pursue a musical career.

Another surprise came when the reality star hinted that he could be featuring on screen in the near future. “I’ll just say people should keep their eyes on their screens,” he winked.

His launch went very well, and was attented by big stars such as award- winning producer Sipho Sithole and TV personality Gerri Elsdon. Mzamo’s single, Turn Around is currently getting airplay on Ukhozi, SAFM and other major radio stations.

Source: zalebs.com

Mzamo releases debut single

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