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BBA Update: Big Brother Africa welcomes most controversial housemate ever!

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BREAKING NEWS: Big Brother Africa welcomes most controversial housemate ever!

You know we had to get on the band wagon as well. So Rumors Surfacing today state that An American "KID" will be entering the ‪#‎BBAHotShots‬House come the 5th of October as a major Twist to the show.

An article by Media Whispers states - " producers have lined-up an incredible star to join the other crazy hopefuls.

Controversial internet star, BradTheLadLong, who is famous for his odd but amusing Youtube videos has been confirmed as a housemate for the African version of Big Brother.

The unusual American youngster recently made headlines after he was offered a big sum to enter 'Celebrity Big Brother' in the UK but dropped out last minute as he said he was 'too famous' for the gig but is desperate to make a name for himself in Africa.

This is the first time Big Brother Africa have put in a well-known person into the house but it's said they are hoping for fireworks as Brad stirs the whole game up completely and brings out the strategic side that Big Brother is meant to have.

After Brad tweeted from his twitter account, "en route to africa!", a top UK reality TV producer commented, "producers behind Big Brother Africa have definitely got it right this year. BradTheLadLong is a phenomenal signing and viewers should be ready for the best Big Brother they've ever seen. He's crazy...will tune in for the first time."

It is expected that this will be the highest rated ever Big Brother due to the appearance of BradTheLadLong as people will be intrigued to see what the Youtuber gets up to."

NB: All we can say is, i hope the producers bring this little Kid to Africa, so that Our Housemates and us the FANS show him that " THIS IS AFRICA " and No one is Above others here, "Too Famous" hahaha this kid will wish he never signed up for ‪#‎BBA‬ because i know for a fact OUR Housemates won't take his bullsh*t (excuse our french)

No More BBHotshots Contestants Are Being Revealed, Official Big Brother Africa Website is Down

Three more Contestants to be revealed today are yet to be announced. Is Biggie withholding the names of the rest of Big Brother Hotshots Contestants?

alusa butterphly ellah

As of the writing of this post, it seems Big Brother Africa is currently having issues with the official website of Big Brother Africa.

The official website, has been down for some time now, and no more contestants have been revealed today.

Biggie was surprising us all when he started announcing the names of contestants for the much awaited Big Brother Hotshots, even before the show began.

This was met by a lot of resistance from some fans, who say announcing the contestants before the show begins is a wrong move. They said that one of the things they look up to Big Brother Africa premier date, is the name of the contestants.

As time goes by, we hope that the official website will be up and running for us to get the latest news on Big Brother Africa, Season 9. Would you like biggie to continue announcing the names of contestants before the show begins?

Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates on Big Brother Africa Season 9. Big Brother Hotshots begins on 5th October, 2014.

Big Brother Hotshots will run for 63 Days Only, not 91 As Expected

Big Brother Hotshots will last on our screens for 63 days, and not  the usual expected 91 days. Read a message from MNet

bba 2014

Big Brother Africa Season 9 will be airing on our screens for 63 days, and not 91 days as it had been earlier on communicated. An official message from MNet press release indicate that the show will be airing for only 63 days. 
“Big Brother Africa returns to the continent’s television screens, a little later, a lot better and definitely hotter! Big Brother HotShots is going to dish out drama, more entertainment than you can handle and most importantly a cool USD300 000 to the housemate who will manage to survive 63 days in Biggie’s house.”
This comes as no surprise to many, as the show was postponed numerous times. At first, the show is said to have been postponed because of World Cup 2014, which was on during the time the show usually begins.

As fans waited for the 7th September premier date, a surprising fire razed down one of the houses where Big Brother Africa usually aired. It would be extremely hard for the show to be aired during December holidays as well as during the New Year celebration.

Stay tuned for 5th October, when the show will officially be premiering. Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter to get the latest news and gossip from Big Brother Hotshots.

Pokello's Branded Shoe-Ware for The-Chase Ladies

Pokello's New Shoe-Ware for BBA The Chase Ladies

Pokello has released her branded shoe-ware ‪#‎PokelloPinkBottoms‬ and has named them after 10 female ‪#‎TheChase‬ ladies.

Read her full press statement attached. One can't help but notice the line:
"Who better to criticize the comfort and quality than my girls who nominated me week in and Week out, lol. The first collection has 10 different colours and is also named after 10 of the female housemates."
pokello the chase shoe ware
Very novel idea to spread one's brand ...but makes one think of her saying it while sticking out the tongue at those who nominated her..? Check out the names:


About Idris From Tanzania, Big Brother Africa

Idris Big Brother Hotshots Contestant 

idris tanzania big brother hotshots

Interview with Idris, BBA rep from Tanzania

Age: 21, describes himself as ‘smart, charming, funny, flirty and creative, is a photographer from Arusha in Tanzania.

Favorite book(s) : ‘anything by Dan Brown’ and he enjoys watching The Colbert Report, Drunk History, The Daily Show and The Ellen Degeneres Show on TV.

Favorite musical tastes :are quite varied: Chris Brown, Michael Jackson, Usher, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Lana Del Ray and Nina Simone.

Idris says he doesn’t have one specific role model, choosing instead to take the best from every successful person he meets. That said, his Mom has influenced his life most. He’s most proud of the respect he’s earned by showcasing his skill and creativity in photography.

He was inspired to enter Big Brother Hotshots because he wants to inspire people and make a name for myself in the process,’ he says. He feels ‘thrilled, excited and accomplished, totally special’ that the continent will be watching him on the show.’

Idris is filled with positive energy. He admits to having a strategy, hoping that his fellow housemates will turn to him “when they want to be inspired or when they feel down.”

idris big brother africa contestant tanzania

About Esther from Uganda, Big Brother Africa Housemate

Esther, Big Brother Hotshots Contestant from Uganda

esther big brother hotshots uganda

Interview with Esther, BBA Uganda Rep

Age: 23, Pint-sized (hmmm) student Esther hails from Uganda’s Nsambya .

She says she entered Big Brother Hotshots to connect with people from different countries, and to help her expose her talents, something she sees as ‘a very big inspiration’. She’s looking forward to giving Africa the chance to see her ‘true self’ and describes herself as ‘meek, bubbly, creative, truthful and loving’. Esther likes the fact that she’s ‘bubbly, friendly and outgoing’.

Favorite food(s) : are mashed potato and chicken tikka masala.

Favorite book(s) : Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Favorite musician : Rihanna. She likes The Wendy Williams Show.

Favorite actress is Zoe Saldanha.

Esther says that Jinja is her favorite place in Uganda, which she describes as ‘the pearl of Africa’. Outside of her home country, she sees California as ‘the place of dreams and fun’.

The most influential person in Esther’s life is her brother Fred, because ‘he has been there for me and he always will be’.

Esther promises viewers ‘unique skills, entertainment and being myself always’. If she wins, she plans to invest some of the money, donate some to charity and support her family and career.
With her sparkling personality, Esther from Uganda looks set to shine inside the Big Brother house. She says she’s very funny and can make people laugh.

esther big brother africa uganda housemate

About Goitse from Botswana, Big Brother Africa

Goitse from Botswana, Big Brother Hotshots Contestant from Botswana

goitse botswana big brother hotshots

Interview with Goitse, BBA rep from Botswana

Age: 22, 'carefree, free-spirited, fun, energetic and motivated’, This Bachelor of Fine Arts theater student, Goitse hails from Mahalapye in Botswana.

Favorite place : ‘Home, Sweet Home’ its her place of comfort,

Favorite Meal(s) :a home-cooked meal and my family by my side she says.

She says the best thing about Africa is its history: ‘it’s so rich with history of what our forefathers have gone through’. South Africa is her favorite place outside of Botswana because she has ‘met great people there who have become family. They also have a range of interesting official languages’, which are similar to those in Botswana.

Goitse says she entered Big Brother Hotshots for the adventure. ‘People from different countries in Africa, all under one roof, no contact with the outside world in any way? Now that’s amazing!’ she says. In her quest for the prize, she won’t pretend to be someone she’s not and if she wins, she’ll use the money to open a dance studio. ‘That will be a dream come true,’ she says. ‘I haven’t decided on what else’.

She says her mom is her role model – ‘she’s a fighter and a survivor. She’s been through a lot of hardships, but she stands tall and strong. She always pushed me to be the best I can be, no matter how challenging it can get’.

Goitse is from Botswana and she’s “happy to entertain you.” With a street-smart fashion style and a personality she describes as “vibrant, bold and outgoing,” she is sure to be another exciting addition to the house. Watch her video here

goitse big brother africa contestant botswana

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