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10 Reasons To Vote For Kokesto, South Africa

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I was at home, smoking weed, watching my favourite TV show, BBA The Chase when I discovered something. I have voted like a hundred times for Koketso, but I knew this was not enough. I had to do more to save my dear Koketso. So I came up with this 10 good reasons why Africa should vote for Koketso. I hope Africa will be convinced. You can add more reasons if you have any in the comment section below. I will appreciate and reply

10. To Separate Her From Lk4

This fake relationship has to stop. We don’t want LK4 near out beautiful Koketso. What does Koketso see in LK4 anyway, that she doesn’t see in other hot men in the house? We need to do something about it and not let our dear Koketso get hurt.

lk4 koketso vote for big brother africa

9. To Evict Lk4

There is only one way we can save our dear Koketso from this beast called LK4. LK4 won’t stop going after Koketso, and Koketso is somehow blind to fall for LK4. We Team Koketso can do something about it and help Koketso out. Send LK4 back to where he came from.

8. Her Beautiful Smile

miss south africa koketso

Koketso has a beautiful smile. She glows like the moon every time the camera focuses on her smile. We Africans love to see her smile. We smile back every time she smiles at us, through the camera. We just can’t let her go home.

7. Beautiful Accent

south africa accent big brother africa

Koketso has one of the most beautiful accents in the house. We had 28 contestants in The Chase, from 14 different countries. Each of them speaks their own English version. Remarkable English accents include the ones from Nigeria, Uganda and our very own South Africa. South Africa has the best English accent in Africa.

6. Everyone Loves Her

Everyone loves Koketso. Who doesn’t? Anyone who hates Koketso is just jealous of her fame and success. The only way we can love Koketso in this season is by keeping her in the house. She should not set her foot outside that house until 90 days are over.

5. Keep The Hot Girls In

south africa accent big brother africa

What is Big Brother Africa, full of Big Brothers? In Africa, women define beauty, men provide for the women. Koketso is a true definition of an African woman. She is of a rare kind and needs to stay in the house. Where else can you get to find such beauty? She is one of a kind.

4. A Blessing To The Screen

south africa accent big brother africa

Koketso is a blessing to be on our screens. Sometimes I have a long day, arguing with people, small drama here and there. But when I get home and find Koketso on my Tv screen, I just feel blessed. I feel okay and inspired to wake up the next day and tackle this thing called life

3. She Is A Woman, No Nudes

Show me a woman who doesn’t air her private parts and I will show you a real woman. Getting nude pictures from the housemates has now become the order of the day. Koketso is one woman who will stand by her principles. You can be sure you will not see Koketso’s nudes ever. If you do, come for 300,000$ from me.
beverlyy osu lk4 koketso big brother africa

2. She is from South Africa. We children of Madiba need to support our very own.

1. She is real. She is herself and does not pretend to be somebody else.

Now you agree with me Koketso needs to stay in the house. Take one minute of your time after reading this information I have shared with you to vote for Koketso. Tell a friend to tell a friend to vote for Koketso non-stop. Share this information to every person you can. Keep Koketso in the house.

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Want to save your contestant? Send your ten reasons why we should vote for them, plus your contact details. We will publish you and you will get a chance to be heard all over Africa! Send your article to Lukuyaian@gmail.com
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