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Huddah, Elikem Shower Hour Video BBA The Chase

Huddah and Elikem Shower Hour

Day 5; Huddah hits the shower with Elikem. Yes, Big Brother Africa contestants share only one washrooms, and will have to queue if anything goes wrong with their tummies.

Huddah looks too conscious in the video, something I don't like. The video starts when Huddah is already in the shower, with her trademark yellow Bikini. She is seen scrubbing her butt-crack, but the cameraman in is too cautious not to go down below.

She then removes her thong, followed by her vest, err, whatever was on her shoulder. She showers for two seconds then grabs her towel. She wraps the towel carefully around her breast, exposing her camel-toe. Elikem enters the scene, with a towel around his waist. He looks confident.
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Elikem Takes The Spotlight

Elikem then becomes the focus of the camera. He removes his pants without a second thought and his wiener jingles as he moves. Huddah giggles, like she has never seen one. They are both in the same shower. From there on, its a series of laughs and talks as the two argue about god knows what instead of jumping into action.

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