Monday, 3 June 2013

Big Brother Africa Shower Hour Video Fatima, Huddah

Fatima From Malawi

This is a video of Huddah and Fatima in Big Brother Africa. The video starts with Fatima, stumbling into the bathroom. A towel is wrapped around her wide hips and has no chance of falling down. She removes the towel, with her bare chest already exposed. A black thong is seen from the camera.

She covers her chest, as she approaches the camera, entering the shower. Her attempts to hide are futile as she eventually stops covering and concentrates on showering. All this time, she is careful not to let her weave touch any drop of water from the shower.

fatima and huddah, big brother africa

Huddah Playing Safe in the Shower

Fatima becomes clever as she turns her back on the camera as she showers. She doesn't remove the black string from her waist either.Huddah enters the scene, rocking a pink bikini bottom. At this point, Huddah takes over the attention of the camera, but fails to live up to the hype. she plays too safe, the reason why shoe got evicted. She showers with her bikini on.



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