How Africa Voted Big Brother Africa The Chase [Week 3]

How Africa Voted: (16th June 2013)

Here is how African countries voted this week (Week 3) – We say goodbye to Biguesas (Angola) and Neyll (Angola). Natasha and Pokello are the lucky contestants not evicted today. Annabel deserved it.

Here's who which country voted for:

  • Angola: Neyll 
  • Botswana: Pokella 
  • Ghana: Pokello 
  • Kenya: Annabel
  • Ethiopia: Annabel 
  • Malawi: Natasha 
  • Namibia: Pokello 
  • Nigeria: Pokello 
  • South Africa: Pokello 
  • Sierra Leone: Pokello
  • Tanzania: Annabel
  • Uganda: Annabel
  • Zambia: Natasha
  • Zimbabwe: Pokello
  • Rest of Africa: Pokello 

Total: Pokello = 8; Annabel = 4; Natasha =2, Neyll = 1, Biguesas = 0. (Total: 15 Votes)

Pokello got the most votes, followed by Annabel, Natasha, Neyll and Biguesas respectively.

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