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Natasha, Shower Hour Video Big Brother Africa

Written By Nairobian Senior on Monday, 24 June 2013 | 22:25

Shower Hour Videos

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Natasha Shower Hour Video

natasha big brother africa shower hour video

Natasha is one crude lady, this might explain why she has been nominated for eviction ever since she stepped into Big Brother Africa. She however manages to escape eviction but for how long will she manage this?
Natasha showers like a real African woman, scrubbing herself well, especially her feet. As she is completely nude, she clearly resembles a real African woman, full with features.
From her well rounded body, to thick thighs and butt, she would be very suitable to make a King's wife. Men would pay a very high price as dowry for her. See more how Natasha depicts a typical traditional African Woman.

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