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Open letter to Ethiopia's Betty, BBA The Chase

Written By Nairobian Senior on Tuesday, 11 June 2013 | 09:21

Posted by Lisanework Yirsaw on June 11, 2013 at 12:36am in Sodere News in Amharic

Betty, BBA Big Brother Africa 2013

betty, big brother africa the chse

This is an open letter from one concerned viewer. This is a response to earlier Betty's Scandal that saw her attract many harsh critics

I was very sad with the act that Betty does on Big Brother Africa,even from a teacher who is expected to grow many students.Let me say some of the students who were taught by her have gotten the chance to see her doing this act ,what do you think is they learn from her?I think it is shame on her.We have so many cultures that have to be shared to the world instead of doing  sex act on video.This is the problem of the committee who hold the responsibility to select persons participating in Big Brother Africa, selecting a person who doesn't  known by people.We know what would be done if the participants were artists.In general what Betty does in Big Brother Africa is not characterized Ethiopia.Long live Ethiopia.GOD bless Ethiopia.
Source Sodore.com 
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