Big Brother Africa Season 9 Might Start on 10th August 2014

When is Big Brother Africa Season 9 expected to Start?

Word going around about Big Brother Africa season 9 seem to suggest it would begin in August 2014.. News reaching us is that the producers (Endemol/M-net) are contemplating on having an "All Stars edition".

If you would like Big Brother Africa to hold an "All Stars" or a completely new season with new faces of contestants, air your views below. Meanwhile, there is an on going poll where Africa can get to vote.

The Managing Director of M-net Africa would confirm the start date to you our esteemed fans of Big Brother reality show, on or before the Commencement of Big Brother Mzanzi which runs from February 2nd 2014, on Channel 198..

Seasons Greetings from all the BBA Gossip Team.

23 comments for "Big Brother Africa Season 9 Might Start on 10th August 2014"

  1. please big brother team, i plead with you all to bring new faces to big brother show, they've been in the lime light before and it wouldn't be fair if its done this way again for now. please give more opportunities to rising faces like us. i'd always dreamed of being in the big brother show but because i was still in school back then, couldn't take part in it but now am a graduate by God's and i feel this is the time and my chance to be in the big brother show if am opportuned . am a great fan of big brother show and i really want to be a part of it. please i beg you all in God's name to give chance and opportunities to new faces to show their talents and what they can possess. alot of us out there crave for opportunities like this.thanks!

  2. My view New faces is better and its will b more interesting but wldnt mind old faces like Keagan,Maria,Bassey,Elikem and Pokello,Ola and Kelvin all these deserves another chance. I can't wait 2 see what BBA9 is all about. BBA8 was so much fun wit Zulu,Elikem,Pokello,Dellish,Bassey. I love BBA.

  3. Can't wait for big brother africa it is much interesting than big brother mzantsi just saying if is all stars please for SA I was Luclay the guy derseved to win the first time,pokello,however we be so much interested if is new people

  4. let it be all-stars just imagine the fun,entertainment,and cash

  5. I can't wait to see Nando again

  6. Plz new faces biggie plzzzzzz!!!! I beg you

  7. Pls i want new faces. But dat August is very far oooo.

  8. New faces ooo biggie, but if u must do with the old ones, then let all the old stars be in one house thinking there are the only ones n the new faces as well, then. Later. u can merge them, @least to give new ones chance as weLl

  9. I would to c Angelo n Nando again

  10. New faces pls

  11. I cant wait o,pls i want to see pokello and feza again

  12. Wanna see Tatiana and Sally

  13. Wanna see Tatiana and Sally

  14. Noooooooo biggie pls oooooo i want new faces ....... I cant wait for the show to start .... Alwayz making sure my dstv is on subscriptn faces pls

  15. Please biggie can you bring us new faces pliz we want to see new charectors

  16. Please Biggie bring back the people like Luclay and Munya they are entertaining and add with new ones

  17. I want new faces but I really want to see luclay and Karen

  18. NANDO AND MELVIN ........ should come back biggie ................


  20. get lost because i want old faces

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