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The Winner of Big Brother Mzansi Mandla!!

Mandla Wins Big Brother Mzansi, 2014 

Mandla has emerged the winner of Big Brother Mzansi, 2014 in a tightly contested race. He has managed, against all odds to defeat Mk, Sol, Loko Iris and Kat, who made it to the finals.

The 2014 version of Big Brother Mzansi was dubbed 'Secrets' and was aired from South Africa. Contrary to Big Brother Africa, Big Brother Mzansi only consisted contestants from South Africa. Congratulations to Mandla for winning Big Brother Mzansi Secrets, in 2014.

Mandla After Winning Big Brother Mzansi, 2014 

mandla big brother mzansi

mandla winner big brother mzansi

Iris Comes Second To Mandla, Winning Big Brother Mzansi

After Winning Mzansi, Iris walks away with 150,000 as Mandla goes home with 1 million

mandla iris winner and runner up, big bro mzansi
Mandla and Iris hold hands during Big Brother Mzansi finale

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