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Elikem Leaks Screenshots, Blasts Kofi Duah for Publishing unconfirmed Break-Up article

Elikem blasts Ghanian writer for publishing unconfirmed article

Elikem vs Oduah
Elikem is one unhappy man when it comes to Samuel Kofi Duah, a renowned Ghanian writer. Kofi Duah is the man behind Elikem and Pokello Nare break-up rumours, and Elikem will give him no chance.

In the article authorised by him, a 28 year old model, Theresa is alleged to be pregnant by Elikem. It is further claimed that Theresa Boateng is currently living with Elikem's parents as they have officially accepted her. 

However, Elikem has managed to corner Kofi Duah, who seems to be contradicting himself as he tried to explain the whole Polikem Theresa saga. Elikem also posted an audio recording, a phone conversation of Kofi Oduah and Theresa. 

Polikem vs Theresa Onnen Video

Elikem leaks audio recording of Kofi Duah and Theresa Onnen, fuelling Polikem break-up rumours. Watch it below. 

"I don't Intend on Leaving Pokello" - Elikem Kumordzie

Elikem Kumordzi has cleared rumors making the rounds that he had an affair with one fashion designer Theresa Boateng.
“I just modeled for Theresa; I am not dating and I have not impregnated her; she is a good friend. That is all I can say about Theresa” Elikem said.
A story published in the Graphic Showbiz, suggested he had left Pokello for Theresa but the former claims it is not true and that they were still dating.

“Nothing will make me change my mind from Pokello, we love each other and I don’t intend leaving her for any woman.”
“I really don’t know what will make me leave Pokello, she is sweet and she is the only lady I feel comfortable hanging around with,” he stated.
Elikem is currently on set shooting a new movie.

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Pokello Dumps Elikem For Ramsey Noah

Pokello Dumps Elikem For Ramsey Noah

Reports have been circulating in Zimbabwe speculating that Pokello and Elikem have broken up. A Facebook page reportedly wrote a post claiming that Pokello had finally dumped Elikem for popular handsome Nigerian actor, Ramsey Noah. 

In the post, the Facebook page which was revealed as Mbare University of the Wise
**Watch This Shocking Latest Video***
Pokello has just dumped Elikem live on Ghana TV interview for Nigerian actor Ramsey Noah. If you haven't watched it and you will like me to send the video, just type "SEND" on the comment box then I will send the Video in your Inbox within 30 seconds. 
Pokello has however refuted these claims. She says she will surprise the whole of Zimbabwe with a big wedding with Elikem and invite all the haters to witness their mega union. 

pokello dumps elikem

Elikem Denies Dating a 28 year old Fashion Designer, He is Still With Pokello

Big Brother Africa lovebirds, Elikem Kumordzie and Pokello Nare have denied reports that they have broken up stating their relationship is stronger than ever.

Ghanaian newspaper, Graphic Showbiz, in its Monday edition reported that the two have broken up and that Elikem is now dating a 28-year-old fashion designer, Theresa Boateng (Onnen), who came from Germany a month ago to outdoor her clothing line in Accra.
The newspaper stated that Elikem and Theresa have confirmed their month old relationship. The story claimed Miss Boateng is even two weeks pregnant for the Elikem.

But the Ghanaian Big Brother star and his Zimbabwean beauty queen have denied the report.

Elikem stated on micro blogging site, Twitter Monday that: "Pokello and I are still happily together. This sh*t is insane. What has polikem done to these people. I love my wife. Period."

"I am not with Theresa Onnen," he added.
Pokello reacted swiftly to the reports saying: "Lol this media don't stop???wow guys." She added that:
"Is this where u met and got impregnated? When I was standing on the stage with u love? B**ch please!"

The Zimbabwean beauty said: "Showbiz Ghana- Polikem is a mother f**ken Brand. When we break up we will inform u, not the other way round! Good day!"

9 Months after their union, Oneza and Oneal Celebrate Their Anniversary Online, See Photos

 Onezians Anniversary 

It is exactly 9 months now since Oneal and Feza hooked up in Big Brother Africa, The Chase. We can't wait until season 9 starts. Ever since the two got together, Oneza fans have never been happier. 

Oneza Anniversary was started by their fans, who started sending well wishing tweets to Oneal and Feza. Most of them were wishing Oneal and Feza God's blessings and a happier future ahead. The two lovebirds from BBA The Chase returned the favour by retweeting a couple of their tweets. 
feza and oneal anniversary

Romantic photos from their past were shared as tears filled fans with nostalgia. The good moments they shared while they were still in The Chase. Maybe the two will be featured in Big Brother Africa Season 9, who knows? Only time will tell. More photos of Onezians anniversary below. 

feza and oneal anniversary

feza and oneal anniversary

feza and oneal anniversary

feza and oneal anniversary

feza and oneal anniversary

Bolt from BBA The Chase too, is acting in a movie, in Ghana

It seems like there is a hot movie career out there for BBA housemates as most of them are venturing into acting. From Bassey, Dillish, Elikem and Selly among others, acting has now become part of their occupation.

Bolt however is not in Nollywood. Unlike the other former BBA The Chase contestants. He is currently in Ghana, where is working with a top producer there called Emmanuel Armah. Bolt will be remembered for his jiggy with Ethiopia's Betty in the house. Here is a picture of Elikem with his movie director in Ghana.

Emmanuel Armah

Dillish and Thembi Seete Prepare to give fans an Epic Music Collabo

Dillish and Thembi Seete 

Dillish on right, and Thembi
This will probably be the 'most awaited for' song this year. 

Great songs like "Somebody that I used to know" by Gotye were composed in the most unlikely places, the bedroom. The guy and the chick were in their bedroom when they decided to compose and sing what would become one of the top music hits world wide.

This evening, Dillish Mathews and South African singer, Thembi Seete have decided to bring nations together and give their fans one epic track in a collabo to the song Boomshaka. Dillish says has always been a fan of Boomshaka!

It is not yet clear whether the two beauties will do a new track, or remix of an old one. More details will be posted as we get them. Dillish is obviously very excited, and so are her fans. Should they successfully do the song, the two will have successfully merged Namibia, South Africa and the rest of Africa. Watch this space

Flavour Nabania, Guy rumoured to be dating Dillish Shares Naughty Pics. See his Muscles

Flavour Nabania shares Nudes!

Flavour Nabania Shows off muscles at a Gym
This is the Nigerian artist who was rumoured to be dating Dillish Mathews. Despite his high flying career, Flavour Nabania wouldn't mind dating Dillish Mathews in future. 

Nabania and Dillish met after she won BBA The Chase. She was set to feature in his music, Ikwokrikwo, which she did a good job.  Dillish was later on rumoured to be dating him after a picture of them intimately having dinner surfaced online.

Dillish, however, has shown little interest in making this Nigerian hulk to be hers. She has openly resented marriage, but won't mind a good wedding. To her, what she had with Stephen Gaeseb is simply a past tense! 

Flavour Nabania's Hot Pic!! (Ladies Only)

flavour nabania

Another BBA Rep, Sulupiniso Arrives in Nigeria in Style! Check out The Nollywood Actors He is on set with

Nigeria continues to lure celebrities and former BBA contestants from all over Africa with its lucrative opportunities in acting. Nigeria is well known for being prolific in producing African movies, popularly known as Nollywood and Sulu is the latest to join the Nollywood bandwagon.

Sulu is excited to have landed in Lagos. See what he tweeted

Details about the movie Sulu will act in will be posted soon. Meanwhile, see more pictures of Nollywood Stars Sulupiniso is expected to act with

 Sulu and Melvin

Sulu with Emem Isong, Popular Movie Producer

Sulu with Valerie, Nigerian Actor

Sulu with Yvonne Nelson

"Here is my New Man" - Dillish Mathews reveals his new Boyfriend. Its neither Flavour, Melvin nor Stephen

In a bid to stop questions about who her new boyfriend is, Dillish Mathews has decided to show Africa her new man. You will be surprised to find out it is neither Melvin, Flavour nor former boyfriend Stephen.

In the past, Dillish Mathews has been rumoured to be dating Nigerian musician, Flavour. She did not respond to these claims, but Flavour showed interest in her. Flavour said he is not dating Dillish, at-least for now.

So who is Dillish Mathews new man? Here is what Dillish tweeted

That must be Carlito, she is joking, right? Is she trying to push Flavour away? Flavour on the other hand, wants to start a family with Dillish. Read his tweets below. Is he pushing his luck too far?

Pokello blasts hater for constant comments about leaked tape

Zimbabwean Big Brother Africa: The Chase star , Pokello has had it with one of her “haters” who constantly comments on her Instagram posts and makes reference to her leaked s3x tape.

Checkout what Pokello told this particular hater:

Let me introduce to you all, my biggest hater. Her name is @langagwelo. You want to be famous? I will make it easy for u. Let this be a point of reference to anyone else who feels the need to share their vast and intricate knowledge of me. I have noticed your comments on my posts several times dear @Langagwelo so now let me school u. You said I didn’t have O’level education? Ur dad must have been one of my Teachers.

I suggest u use ur $1 airtime the same u log onto Instagram to google Monash University Graduating Class of 2009. U seem to like mentioning my leaked s3xtape or informing people about its existence it is Unfortunate that ur desires to see my life crumble after the s3xtape could not be fulfilled. sweetheart, the downfall of my Vagina is not the downfall of my Brain!

Last time I checked I had 6 pageant titles, a high-end store and was making headlines in newspapers way before that s3x tape. So I’m sorry that u r so affected by why a Ho like me is famous but I guess either ur mother shit you or slept with so many men the night u were conceived, becoz it’s only such a challenging start to life that can lead u monitor the activities of my vagina and it’s occupants.

I’m rather empathetic with ur own case becoz neither yourself or ur mother have managed to use ur very ‘beautiful’ and ‘reputable’ punani’s to even ascertain the services of an Orthodontist. My life pains u very much and I must sincerely apologise for that. Bye Hater!

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