Bimp breaks up with Ethiopian girlfriend


Reliable sources have confirmed that BBA contestant Bimp has decided to call it quits with his longterm Ethiopian girlfriend.

Bimp made the decision basing on the fact that even though he had been faithful to her,refusing to have anything with other women even in the BBA house…..She on the other hand was busy getting with other men,and has been taking advantage of the time Bimp spent away from home to enjoy countless flings.

On finding out,Bimp has resolved to move and stay in Nigeria permanently,and has even refused to give the broken relationship a fixing chance.

Bimp however,continues to deny claims that fellow BBA housemate and bestie Beverly, may have caused the breakup,considering that he has been spending alot of time with her in Nigeria.According to him,Beverly and him are just friends,and she didn’t at any one time get in the way of his romantic relationship with his girlfriend.

beverly bimp

Betty and Bimp

It is now official that Bimp and Beverly Osu are officially a couple! It seems like Beverly Osu's fight against her friend over Bimp was not for nothing.

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They currently live together at a temporary place in Lekki. Bimp is planning to stay in Nigeria for good if all his plans go well. He will return to Ethiopia tomorrow while Beverly goes to South Africa for the Channel O awards but as soon as she returns to Nigeria, Bimp will return to his love.

Beverly Osu Falls Out With Her Friend Over Bimp

As reported by our sister blog LindaIkeji, Beverly Osu and her best friend Charity Owoh are no longer friends. They are now sworn enemies...and it all has to do with one gorgeous man, Big Brother Africa contestant Bimp Habesh from Ethiopia. 


Beverly and Charity fell out after Charity began to pursue Bimp who has been staying more in Nigeria since the reality show ended a few more months ago. Charity went as far as introducing Bimp to her mum and let everyone know she was interested in him. Then came Beverly, who also started showing interest in Bimp. Remember she confessed her feelings to Bimp in the Big Brother house but Bimp told her he had a girlfriend and Bev subsequently turned to Angelo.

The two friends first fell out after Charity allegedly told Angelo (when he was in Nigeria) that Beverly still had a thing for Bimp, and after Angelo left, things became really heated between the former BFFs. Beverly felt betrayed that her best friend not only ratted her out but also went after Bimp knowing how she felt about him. We hear that one of them even went as far as opening a twitter account to attack the other, and the other one got so depressed about the situation (because all their friends supported the other) that she 'contemplated' suicide.

Bimp is currently not dating any of the girls. He might not even know that they are fighting over him.

Also, Beverly has edited her twitter account where she had charity's email address as her 'for booking contact' and has removed everything about charity in her biography.

Beverly Hills Club

Karen, Beverly, Bassey and Bimp are expected to be at Beverly Hills Club this Friday when it will be officially be opened. Featuring on the party will be T-Shan, DJ Preppy, DJ Banji, Victario and Young Sta Bobby. Be There

beverly hills club

Bimp's 'Feud' With Pokelo and Elikem

the bump

Ex BBA Contestant Bimp might be having a feud with the sensational couple. None of us knew of any hard feelings between Polikem and Bimp (did you?) until we bumped into this conversation of Bimp and his fan.

See this conversation between Bimp and a Fan who is named  "Des_Dusiker" on twitter. Scroll down for the info

@TheBimp: Been thinkin bout it and I can’t help but wonder. Is it just me or has our hatred for each other gotten stronger?? What happened 2 humanity?“

“@Des_Duiker: @TheBimp why don’t u sort ur problem with elikem and pokello,that will be a true 1 Blood,1 love,1Africa….”

“@TheBimp: @Des_Duiker I have no hatred for either but I don’t think its the time to try now. Maybe in time.”

Big Bro Africa 'Losers'

Going on eight years now, Big Brother Africa seems to specialise in bringing us some of the most shocking, hilarious, sobering and disturbing moments on camera.

But BBA is just the catalyst; the contestants are the ones who are filled with the drama and intrigue. East Africa has fielded contestants that did their best to bring home the cash but didn’t quite succeed. Save Tanzania’s Season 2 participant, no East African has been the last man (or woman) standing. 

nic wangondu
Nic Wangondu

10. Nic
Cheeky, competitive and Kenya’s entertaining representative, Nicholas Wangondu was a TV Producer who made his mark in BBA Season 6. He was the 8th housemate to be evicted after surviving 49 days. Nic is currently hosts Mashariki Mix on AfricaMagic Entertainment


9. Hannington
Uganda’s Hannington Kuteesa has been on BBA’s Season 4 and 5.  In his first attempt, Hannington, along with his Ethiopia’s Yacob, became the first pair to leave the BBA house. His second attempt was tainted by his ejection after getting into a bout with female housemate, Lerato. 

annabel mbaru

8. Annabel Mbaru 
Annabel aka Anna Banana stole the hearts of both Kenya and the rest of Africa with her smile and smarts. The 24-year-old student and fashion designer lasted 9 weeks by surviving 4 nominations in BBA Season 8.

hana big brother africa

7. Hanni
Ethiopia’s curly-haired Hanni Mekuria made it to 6th place. The singer and law student was her nation’s representative in Season 6. Hanni, who has a passion for Reggae music, is actively pursuing her music career. 

kyle big brother africa

6. Kyle 
Before he entered the BBA house, Uganda’s BBA Season 7 participant Kyle analysed the show as having the ability to test one’s patience levels. It seems the journalist managed to keep his cool long enough to earn a 5th place finishing. 

sheila kwamboka big brother africa
Sheila Kwamboka

5. Sheila 
Sheila Kwamboka of Kenya made it to the house twice; staying longer the second time during the BBA All Stars segment. In that year, her friend and brier romantic interest Uti of Nigeria took the cash home. Loud and talkative, Sheila’s humourous character is being put to good use on Kenyan radio. 

mwisho big brother africa

4. Mwisho
Tanzanian contestant Mwisho Mwampamba holds the record for having the most days spent in the BBA house. These 197 days were accumulated during two stints on BBA; 106 days in Season 1 and 91 days in Season 5. A bit of a BBA bridesmaid, Mwisho came close to clinching the prize through 2nd and 4th placing, respectively.  

gaetano kagwa big brother africa
Gaetano Kagwa

3. Gaetano
Gaetano Kagwa aka Guy-Five, is Uganda’s strongest representative in the history of the show. Liked for his solid character and levelhead, Gaetano is also at the centre of the show’s longest-running (and best) romantic tryst on BBA Season 1. Finishing in 4th place, Gaetano went on to briefly host a reality music show. These days he seems to call both Uganda and Kenya his home.

bimp and melvin bba the chase
Bimp and Melvin

2. Bimp 
He was charming, shy and very popular. Therefore it came as a shock that Ethiopia’s Bimp didn’t make it past the penultimate week on BBA Season 8. The 23-year-old student is probably still riding high on his new-found fame and with a 6000-strong Facebook fanbase, he might make a return to the screens fairly soon.

prezzo and goldie big brother africa
Prezzo and Goldie

1. Prezzo
He was a divisive figure both in the house and in the minds of viewers around Africa. However, no one can deny that as the pool of contestants shrunk, Kenyan Season 7 contestant Prezzo grew larger-than-life. He came second to South Africa’s Keagan.  

Bye Bye Bimp

ethiopia bimp
Ethiopia's Bimp has become the 21st Housemate to be Evicted from The Chase.

After what has been a confusing night that saw all three of the Eviction Nominees being called into the Rendezvous Room, Live Show presenter IK revealed to the Housemates and to Africa that Bimp's Chase has come to an end.

As soon as Bimp sat down, IK wasted no time in probing the Ethiopian about his beef with Elikem. The ousted Housemate shared that he does not see eye to eye with the Ghanaian because Elikem has grown increasingly cocky in the House. "He has changed," Bimp insisted.

The hunky Ethiopian who has brandished himself as the gentleman of the House, has put up a good fight, having managed to make it into the top 7. In the past he proved himself to be somewhat of a silent assassin as the quiet guy was saved time and again by Africa, every time that he was put up for possible Eviction.

But tonight lady luck was just not on his side as his Big Brother journey has come to a screeching halt at a point when he was so close to the finale.

What will you miss most about Bimp?

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Shower Hour Videos

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Motamma and Bimp; Shower Hour Video

motamma bimp shower hour video, big brother africa

This is one of the most awkward shower hour videos in BBA. Awkward because of the tension between the two housemates and Africa itself.

Busy is seen busy in the shower, scrubbing himself. Motamma on the other hand *Motamma was evicted, there will no longer be shower hour videos of her* is relaxing in the shower.

Motamma seems to be showering cautiously, like she is waiting for a time bomb to explode. She is not even bathing, just touching and looking at herself. Bimp pretends to be busy showering, but is occasionally glancing at Motamma, like waiting for a sign to do something.

From time to time, Motamma is seen dancing. Soon, Bimp finishes showering and leaves. Motamma then bursts into a full dance, staring at herself in the mirror.

See Motamma and Bimp Shower hour video, Big Brother Africa