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Pokello Shares new Pictures of a dress made by her Boo, Elikem

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Pokello Shares new Pictures of a dress made by her Boo, Elikem

Ever since she relocated to Ghana, Pokello Nare has been spending most of her time with her lover Elikem. The two have managed to maintain their hot romance over time. Today, Pokello shared new pictures of a dress customly made by Elikem.

She was featured in GLAM Tv show by their new T.V presenter, Maria Nepembe, who happens to be her former housemate in BBA. See more pictures during their show below

Who Killed it? Huddah, Selly or Pokello? | Life After BBA The Chase

Friday, 28 February 2014

Huddah Pokello or Selly?

pokello nare dress

huddah dress

selly dress

Kwaw Kese 'Smooches' Pokello

Kwaw Kese 'Smooches' Pokello

Controversial Fante Rapper Kwaw Kese was spotted 'smooching' Zimbabwean Big Brother Africa The Chase rep Pokello over the weekend during a a glitzy fashion show at the Royal Richester Hotel in East Legon.

Kwaw Kese who appeared on the runway in a black and white shirt made with African fabric was too close to Pokello with his hands around Pokello's waist and his lips close to kissing her.

Kwaw Kese did this disregarding the presence of Pokello's boyfriend Elikem who was sitting directly opposite the runway.

Elikem who couldn't sit and watch unconcerned screamed "Hey! Kwaw its enough". Kwaw in return took the microphone and told Elikem to stop being jealous and leave Pokello alone to feel free.

The show which was meant to introduce the 'Unique World Fashion' brand in Ghana and beyond featured rapper Kwaw Kese, comedian Funnyface and Pokello as celebrity guest models on the runway. Check out some photos below.

No make up challenge for Pokello - BBA The Chase Videos

Sunday, 26 January 2014

One Happy Customer of Pokello's Queen of Swagger Designs...

Monday, 13 January 2014

Queen of Swagger Designs...

queen of swagger, pokello

We have found one happy customer of Pokello's Queen of Swagger designs. She looks adorable in that dress, see the pic below. 
queen of swagger

...and more people are looking for Queen of Swagger designs! Watch out.

Elikem Turns 25 As Pokello Sings Him A Birthday Song

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Happy Birthday Elikem!

elikem the tailor

On this day, Elikem The Tailor  turned 25 as he celebrated his birthday with his BBA contestant lover Pokello Nare. We are informed that Pokello spoiled her lover Elikem like crazy! She went ahead to sing him a birthday song as the spectators cheered. "It was cute..."

pokello tweets
And this was the adorable message from Pokello to Elikem

"Today I'm not saying, Happy Birthday. I am saying, 'Thank You' to ur mother. For bringing into this world, My everything!"

Selly, Elikem and Pokello Meet Dillish, Maria, Melvin and Uti GH Airport

Thursday, 31 October 2013

BBA Chasemates At Ghana's Airport

after the chase

As reported by Ghana's news media, The Ex-Chasemates were filmed as they arrived in Ghana for a party. It was during that time when Selly was organising a birthday party. In the video, Selly explained why she was charging her fans to attend the party... Check out the video below

Watch Pokello Exclusively on BYO SWAGG [Video]

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Pokello on BYO Swagg

byo pokello

Pokello's homecoming party after Big Brother exit. She speaks to presenter Mbo Mahocs and she discloses the fabulous life of Pokello and her future business expansion plans, relationship with Elikem , and her up-coming 2 movie roles in Nigeria. Episode also features fashionista Gilmore Tee and music by 21 year old new house artist Lingalihle

The Emerald House Journey Part 13 [Video]

Emerald's House 'Chaotic' Video

lk4 bba

We bumped into this video recorded from what seemed to be a mobile phone during Pokello's birthday. LK4 is seen to be the centre of the video as he describes what the video is all about.

The Ex-chasemates seem 'chaotic'  having a lot of fun as they were shouting on top of their voices talking crazy. You have not seen this video before as it was only recently posted by LKfour. Check it out below..

Pokello Visits Zambia and is Welcomed By Sulu

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Pokello Visits Zambia

 Pokello just the other day entered Zambia where she was welcomed by Sulu with open arms. See the pictures below..

pokello in zambia

pokello and sulu

pokello and fan

pokello and sulu

pokello and sulu

See Pokello's Son Big Brother Africa | Shameless Mother Pokello'

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

'Shameless Mother Pokello'

So Recently We heard that Pokello is a "Shameless Mother". Take a look at her son's pictures below, does he look like he misses a thing in his life? Pokello is surely a good mum. Who wouldn't wish to have a mum that provides everything to his son?

 Pokello's Son Big Brother Africa

 Pokello's Son Big Brother Africa

 Pokello's Son Big Brother Africa

 Pokello's Son Big Brother Africa

pokello son

See Pokello Nare With Long Hair [Pictures]

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

"Miss My Long Hair? Not At All" - Pokello Nare

As Pokello nears 100,000 followers mark on twitter, she is proving to be one of the most influential Ex-chasemate on twitter. She is proving to be a threat to Sir Uti Nwachukwu who has only 122,000 followers on twitter since he won Big Brother All Stars. 

Pokello Nare decided to share with his fans, #PokelloNation a picture of her back in 2010 when she used to have long hair. I completely agree with her when she says she doesn't miss her long hair at all. See how awkward she looks. 

pokello with long hair

long hair pokello sexxy
In my opinion, she looks better with long hair. Some women should consider shaving their long tedious hair, if their hair stylists can agree with their idea to look better. 

Pokello went on to share with her followers a range of products she used to apply on her hair. These are some of the products she shared with her fans. Do you know any of these products, have you ever used them?


Thursday, 10 October 2013

Outcry after Pokello's Tape leaks on Internet

During BBA Season 8, it suddenly emerged that Stunner Chideme and his girlfriend Pokello recorded themselves having a good time together and leaked it into the public. The video was leaked barely two weeks after Pokello entered Big Brother Africa.

This has made Pokello and Stunner tape to be a hotly contested topic among people as they defend their side. The video was Leaked After Pokello made it into BBA The Chase, something everyone is suspecting to have been planned.

See what some of Africa's BBA fans are saying about the tape. The tape has been received with mixed reactions, some condemning her while others defending her
pokello stunner

Pokello Has 'Mad Skills' in the Video

However, Pokello was allowed to continue with the reality TV show, after the tape went viral. Pokello went on to be evicted, a few weeks afterwards, but the aftermath did not dampen her spirits. She has gone on to start her own clothing line. 

The clothing line is called Queen of Swagger, which she opened alongside Elikem Kumordzie of Ghana. Elikem too happened to be a designer with his own clothing line dubbed 'Elikem The Tailor'. He went on to design football wear for Ghana's official football team. 

 Pokello Stunner Tape  

BBA The Chase: Lovers reunite!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Finale stage was filled with memorable moments that would easily melt the coldest of hearts. Read more to find out why..

Lovers Re-Unite

Angelo and Beverly

As soon as Beverly’s heels touched the Live Eviction Stage, her man Angelo stood up, still, waiting, arms wide open. When the Nigerian turned around to see what the commotion behind her was about, she caught a glimpse of her dreadlocked man and ran straight into his arms.

Angelo and Beverly were one of the couples who made this season memorable. Who can forget their saucy shenanigans in the bedroom after every Channel O party?

Pokello and Elikem

Another couple that reunited on the Live Eviction stage was Polikem.

When Elikem made his way to the stage after being Evicted from the House, pretty Pokello was waiting. The two lovers ran into each other arms and shared a passionate clinch that definitely sent temperatures soaring. Once they had reluctantly pried their lips apart, Pokello showed off her outfit, which was pimped out with a tape measure, a style made famous by her man Elikem, who is a tailor. “I’m down for you baby,” she said, as Elikem beamed proudly.

Cleo and Hakeem

Cleo and her man Hakeem also got their moment on stage, after having not seen each other since Hakeem was Evicted. The Zambian rapper, who got the second highest number of votes, after Chase champion Dillish, found comfort in her man’s arms, who held on to her and wouldn’t let go. Looks like our Chasemates have found true love! It’s safe to say Babylon will be very busy tonight.

Beverly cleo elikem melvin dillish

Pokello and Elikem; Most Romantic Gesture Winner

Most Romantic Gesture Winner

pokello elikem

Elikem and Pokello are the winners of Most Romantic Gesture.

Having prepared breakfast for Pokello in bed a few weeks back, Ghanaian Evicted Chasemate Elikem‘s efforts have been recognized by viewers and he has thus won the most romantic gesture worth USD 10.000.

Elikem will also have the pleasure to take another person to Mombasa Kenya for a 5 days holiday, Will it be Pokello? You guess is as good as mine.

Elikem may not have won the grand prize but at least, he’s not going home empty handed.

All the best Elikem!

Melvin is Evicted
Beverly is Evicted

BBA The Chase Blogspot

Stunner Reveals New Love After Being Dumped By Pokello

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

stunner-video1The three and half year old high profile relationship between Desmond ‘Stunner’ Chideme and Big Brother The Chase evictee Pokello Nare officially ended on Wednesday.
This follows Pokello’s declaration to journalists in the capital that she will wait for her new found younger love, Ghanaian tailor and actor Elikem Kumordzi, who is still part of the reality television show.
Stunner also confirmed that the shattering news was communicated to him on Wednesday. Interestingly, both Stunner and Elikem are tailors an indication that Pokello has a ‘thing’ for such men.
Stunner who until yesterday was not certain of his relationship status accepted the fate and said he “respected his ex-lovers decision.”
In a candid interview Stunner said although he did not expect Pokello’s decision to end the relationship, he has accepted it and was moving on. He revealed that he has found new lovers- music and his daughter Celeste.
“Well, naturally I didn’t expect the relationship to end but I respect her decision. I don’t even know what came up to her but I have her best interest at heart so I can’t be forcing her into stuff she doesn’t like.
“Just as much as she has moved on, I will also move on and I have immediately found my lover that is my daughter Celeste and my music. Now my full love is on music and taking care of my daughter,” he said.
“Me and Pokello are cool. People out there might not know what’s going down and all but we do so we are cool. We can greet in the streets and her call wouldn’t hurt just as much as my call wouldn’t hurt as well, we cool like that,” he added.
In revealing that his new love was MUSIC and taking care of his daughter, Stunner was insinuating that Pokello was a stumbling block in that respect.
He however cleared the air: “No, no I am not saying she really a stumbling block but I am saying WITHOUT Pokello, my music now has NO boundaries.
“Something she would stop me from writing some songs for some reason suiting her but now I am a sole trader, one ari ega and I will be out in full force busy with my number one love music.
“I will be writing my songs straight for my heart and will be back to the old Stunner you knew before Pokello, the man who brought you Team Hombe, Dhafu Korera and so forth. At the same time, I wish Pokello the best in her endeavours, she is quite a go-getter and hard worker,” said Stunner.
When asked to comment on Pokello’s utterances that Elikem is a BETTER man, Stunner replied: “Well, if she said so that means she might have found better in him but I hope he remains the same even when he is not on camera.
“I wish the best for her so I hope that brother (Elikem) was not acting or pretending to scoop the big dollars in the game. If she was not pretending in the in the house then Elikem was not.”
Stunner also refuted claims that the collapse of the relationship means that he was finding his way back to his family hood in Glen Norah. He articulately pointed out that he was a hustler and moved out of his family home soon after high school.
“My brother Stunner has taken care of himself ever since. How does Pokello take care of me and why would she do that? I have in fact stayed alone at the same flat with some people who work at your offices and they can testify.
“As much as Pokello is streetwise and a hustler in her own right, it’s the man’s job to take care of a woman, its mere speculation from people who don’t know me. Ask my friends and people around me to tell you how me and my boys struggle and hustle to get the bills paid.
“When I left Prince Edward school I had lots of connections who I linked with in my hustles, I have sewn clothes, sold movies, every hustle you can think of, I pay my own bills,” declared Stunner.
Stunner is known to sweep women off their feet and this fuelled speculation that during the two months that Pokello was ‘playing games’ with Elikem- he too had enough time and space to hook up other girls.
He however watered down such speculation arguiung that he had no time for that since he spent all his time watching Big Brother The Chase .
“Man, I had no time for that I was busy campaigning for Team Pokello but after she was evicted TV yangu haichabata channel 197/8,” said Stunner in jest.
In concluding the interview, the reporter asked Stunner how he met Pokello and who hit on the other and he hesitantly replied:
“That’s some private information between me and Pokello but all I can say is SHE SAW ME FIRST.” He also vowed that he will never bad mouth Pokello in any way or in any song.
“In the song that I was featured by Jonny K and Yung Babe, I just announced to the world that Pokello dumped me.”
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Zimbabwe Has Got Elikem’s Back – Pokello

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Zimbabwe Has Got Elikem’s Back – Pokello

Pokello elikemEvicted Zimbabwean representative in the ongoing Big Brother Africa (The Chase) reality show, Pokello has disclosed that her country will be voting for Elikem.
The Zimbabwean, who developed a strong bond with Ghana’s Elikem, disclosed after her eviction Sunday that her relationship with him was not a gimmick and that she really has a thing for the Ghanaian.
“I’m feeling Elikem big time,” Pokello said. When asked if it will survive outside the Big Brother house, she said: “I’m waiting for him.”
During Monday’s Google Hangout session with the Zimbabwean, she recounted that her friendship with Elikem was among her favourite moments in the Big Brother house.
“In the beginning I wasn’t keen on Elikem because he came across as being very player like, he was in everyone’s bed every night different beds. He didn’t come across as being my type of guy, but that perception changed as the show went on”.
Asked if she will be campaigning for Elikem, Pokello said the Ghanaian need not worry because her country will be voting for him.
“I don’t have to campaign for him, Zimbabwe already has his back. In terms of the Zimbabwean votes, he already has that one,” she said.
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Pokello Plans To Capitalise On S3x Tape Exposure

Pokello Plans To Capitalise On S3x Tape Exposure

Pokello bassey ikFollowing the negative publicity as the result of her leaked sex tape, Pokello Nare said she’s going to use the exposure she gained while in the house to promote a more positive image of herself.
The 27-year-old shoe shop owner from Zimbabwe was evicted alongside Sierra Leone’s Michael Bassey after eight weeks in the competition.
This means that only Tanzania, Nigeria and Zambia still have their pairs intact while Botswana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Namibia, Ghana and South Africa still have one contestant each in the running for the $300000 (R2.9m) cash prize.
Nare became a sensation on the social networks throughout Africa after her sex tape with musician-boyfriend, Desmond Chimede hit the net a few days after the first live broadcast of the show.
“I entered the competition because I wanted to change people’s perceptions about my life and what I actually stand for,” she said. “I also entered because I wanted to advocate against women abuse and I spoke about that from my own experiences and wanted to motivate women to speak out.”
There’s clearly no denying that the exposure that comes with the show and its impact on their career is every contestant’s biggest catch, and so is Bassey’s.
“The competition has really helped me in that it has exposed me to so many people and nothing could get better than this.”
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Makosi Finally Reveals How She Met Pokello Boyfriend

Monday, 22 July 2013

pokelloRapper Stunner’s love life was at one time compromised by his relationships with women who both have Big Brother links. This follows the publication of a picture in which Makosi posed with Stunner at the beginning of April this year.
It is understood that Stunner’s celebrity girlfriend, Pokello Nare was not happy with the picture and sought an audience with Makosi. However, this could not be verified with Pokello as she is stuck at Sessani Studios in Johannesburg. Today marks Pokello’s 56th day in the Big Brother Africa house.
Writing in her weekly column Makosi revealed that Stunner had a go at her after they had the picture taken together. Makosi said she bumped into Stunner at a local hotel before Big Brother Chase began the two had a picture taken.
Makosi tweeted the picture and Stunner immediately warned her against such action as it would mess up his relationship with Pokello.
Said Makosi: “Stunner walked up to me and I had no clue who he was. After introducing himself, I said let’s do a picture, when I put it down on twitter he begged me to take it down saying it would ruin his relationship as he was not allowed to be seen with me by his girlfriend,” she added:
Makosi and Pokello’s man Stunner
“Then some concerned friends told me that Pokello and her sisters were hunting my butt down and I should watch my back.”
Stunner ACKNOWLEDGED engaging Makosi over the picture issue but she said it was an independent decision that didn’t involve his girlfriend Pokello’s push. “Yes I know the incident but Pokello is not in this thing, it was my independent decision.
“In fact, I never really had a go at Makosi. I only asked her why she had published that picture within 24 hours after it was taken. Anenge anodawo zvinhu iye Makosi uyu,” said Stunner.
The drama fuelled speculation that basing on the history of Stunner’s ‘standard’ of women, Makosi fitted in the bracket since he (Stunner) is known for sweeping well heeled women off their feet. However, Makosi laughed off at these speculations.
“Well Stunner is not my type. I don’t do boys, I like Alpha males,” she said.
As for Pokello, she said she has no beef with the sister since she in fact did not know her in person. “Truly I have nothing against her (Pokello), I don’t know her, and so I have no bad feelings towards her.
“She obviously knows me as I’m the first ever Zimbabwean to do Big Brother, the Pokello’s and all are following my footsteps,” she added. H Metro
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Watch Pokello, Shower Hour Video. Big Brother Africa The Chase

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Pokello Nare, BBA The Chase 

Housemates Decisions, Actions and opinions are their own and are not representative of the Big Brother Africa producers, broadcasters, sponsors, affiliates, their countries and/or any communities
pokello nare

Pokello, Shower Hour Video

Another shower hour video of Pokello has leaked! Pokello is seen out of the bathroom as she wipes dry her tender body. Her skin looks smooth, soft, without any blemish. What does she apply on her skin when she wakes up every morning?

See Shower Hour Video Pokello Nare, BBA The Chase

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