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Showing posts with label Sulu. Show all posts
Showing posts with label Sulu. Show all posts

Sulu, Had a four pack, now he only has two abs. Check out his Muscles in a new picture

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

 From a Six Pack, Sulu now has only Two Abs

Compared to Sulu, former BBA The Chase contestant stands no chance when he competes with Hakeem, Melvin and Elikem. Sulu is a two pack and is proud to show it! He eats a lot? Or does he just have a fat body? LOL

See this new picture he posted some minutes ago on his Twitter page.

Another BBA Rep, Sulupiniso Arrives in Nigeria in Style! Check out The Nollywood Actors He is on set with

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Nigeria continues to lure celebrities and former BBA contestants from all over Africa with its lucrative opportunities in acting. Nigeria is well known for being prolific in producing African movies, popularly known as Nollywood and Sulu is the latest to join the Nollywood bandwagon.

Sulu is excited to have landed in Lagos. See what he tweeted

Details about the movie Sulu will act in will be posted soon. Meanwhile, see more pictures of Nollywood Stars Sulupiniso is expected to act with

 Sulu and Melvin

Sulu with Emem Isong, Popular Movie Producer

Sulu with Valerie, Nigerian Actor

Sulu with Yvonne Nelson

Sulu motivates students at his former school in Zambia

Friday, 28 February 2014

Photos: Sulu motivates students in Zambia

Zambian contestant from BBA the chase, Sulu, was recently invited to speak to and motivate students of his former school in Zambia…….Check out the more pics below;

Watch RUBY SONG - by Sulu, BBA The Chase

 Sulu Sulu International

This is an exclusive footage of Sulu, former BBA contestant performing his song "Ruby Song" at BBA The Chase Grand Finale. Sulu, as an artist is known as "Sulu Sulu International".

Next time you see him on the streets, ask him to perform his song to you, otherwise, enjoy the footage of his performance here.

Ruby Song

Former BBA Housemates party with Bola Ray in Joy FM Studio

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Chase Random Videos

bba housemates party

This is one of the random after BBA The Chase videos of the contestants. In the video below, some of the ex-chasemates are seen dancing to one of Africa's hit songs. Maria steals the spotlight with her dance moves while Dillish gets 'bored' and sits down as the show goes on. See the video below..

Pokello Visits Zambia and is Welcomed By Sulu

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Pokello Visits Zambia

 Pokello just the other day entered Zambia where she was welcomed by Sulu with open arms. See the pictures below..

pokello in zambia

pokello and sulu

pokello and fan

pokello and sulu

pokello and sulu

Sulu Won't Let Fame Slow Him Down [Caught in The Act]

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Sulu After The Chase

sulu nature call
Famous or not, nature call is a must! Sulu is not an exception, he had to do a 'peace' sign

See Selly and Sulu Having Fun In Zambia Having Fun With Others

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Selly and Sulu having fun in Zambia
It seems that Ghana's Selly is having some massive fun on her visit to Zambia. She was spotted going out and about with her 'Ruby Sweetheart' Sulu and former Big Brother The Chase housemates, Cleo and JJ. Selly and Sulu (Sulley) presented AWARDS at Zambia's international car race rally. Check out the photos below...

selly sulu

selly sulu

selly sulu

selly sulu

selly sulu

Sulu is Evicted, BBA The Chase

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sulu Is Evicted

sulu evicted big brother africa
Zambian Housemate, Sulu has been Evicted from Big Brother The Chase tonight.

Just a short while after Head of HouseBimp confirmed the Housemates' suspicions by revealing that he had saved Cleo and replaced her with Sulu on the list of Eviction Nominees, the bubbly Zambian dude then learnt that his stay in the House has come to an end.

Sulu then hugged his fellow Housemates and made his way to the Big Brother Live Show stage to join Presenter IK and Annabel who also got Evicted tonight. The Zambian did not take his Eviction personally, he was his usual bubbly self evening singing: "Ruby, Ruby, Ruby," with to the crowd.

It has been an entertaining and sometimes tumultuous nine weeks that the young fellow has had in the Big Brother House. There was his doomed relationship with Selly that even resulted in the Zambian being handed a Strike and a stern warning by Biggie. But there were also good times and he has often been described by his fellow Housemates as a funny-man and a loving guy.

This was the first time that Sulu had been up for Eviction and sadly for him it was his last time too as his Big Brother journey has come to an end. Before this Sulu had only been Nominated once by his fellow Housemates but luckily for him the then HoH Feza saved him and put Pokello in his place.

What will you miss most about having Sulu in the Big Brother House?

Stay tuned to DStv channels 197 and 198 for all your Big Brother Africa The Chase action or catch the daily shows on Africa Magic Entertainment (DStv channel 150) at 20:00 CAT.

Is it Annabel or Sulu? BBA The Chase Polls

BBA The Chase Polls

Who Will be going home today?

Annabel and Sulu have turned out to be the least popular contestants this week. The two are likely to be  headed home this Sunday as Africa has decided.

Whom To Save Polls

  • Elikem   40%
  • Sulu       34 %
  • Annabel 24%

Whom To Evict Polls

  • Sulu    38%
  • Annabel 32 %
  • Elikem  28%

annabel mbaru

Emeralds House

Emeralds housemates have already left and now it back to the contestants themselves. How have you (Africa) enjoyed their presence? Who among the Emeralds housemates did you like? On a scale of 1-10,  how would you rate the presence of Emeralds housemates in BBA The Chase?

Big Brother Africa The Chase

Why Tumi Morake Likes To Pick on Sulu and Natasha

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Tumi Morake, BBA The Chase

Tumi-MorakeSouth African actress, comedienne and host of The Big Brother Hot Room, Tumi Morake has revealed that her favorite Big Brother housemates to pick on are Natasha and Sulu – as if we didn't know already. Speaking to her in a phone interview from South Africa, Tumi said “Eish my favorite housemates are Natasha and Sulu. Sulu is just a fun character and whenever he speaks there is so much to pick on; whether he is sober or not. Natasha, is just another. Her antics in the big brother house are hilarious; she gives us plenty of material to use. I love everyone else; each housemate brings something different to the show, from the loud ones to the quiet ones. That’s what makes Big Brother a hit.”
Viewers must be used to Tumi often referring to Ghana as her ‘in-law country’, and not knowing when to take her serious or not, I had to find out if indeed she was married to a Ghanaian. “Ghana is my in-law home, yes I am married to young ‘okrasini boy’ (meaning village boy). His family is all over Kumasi and Accra. I was actually there recently for a wedding. Usually I spend a lot of my time in Accra but we also visit Kumasi. I have actually performed in Ghana before,” she replied.
Tumi described The Big Brother Hot Room as a new and fun experience for her and her fans as well as people across the continent who may not know her. She said “It’s a very fun and sometimes painful concept. We go through the highlights of the week and our director writes the scripts on how the show should be. I just put in my humour.”
“There have been mixed feelings towards it; some people don’t like it but a lot more people like it. Last time somebody wrote to me to say they don’t like the show and I asked, ‘don’t you have a remote control? If you don’t like the show then change the channel’. Haha. Not everyone is used to my style of humor but I think it is a fun show and viewers across Africa are getting to know me.”

BBA The Chase

Why Sulu Refused To Kiss Selly

sulu selly bbaSulu made another attempt at trying to spark off a relationship with Selly. Despite a long talk in the Rendezvous Room with Selly that ended in disappointment, Sulu is not taking “no” for an answer. The Zambian sat with the sexy Ghanaian in the bedroom and wouldn’t leave her side.
When he started making his intentions of making Selly his number one lady known, Selly dug in her heels and reminded him that she can’t be in a relationship with him. “Sulu I care about you more than you know. That’s why I do everything for you. However, I can’t be your girlfriend. What should I do now to show you?” she asked.
When Selly playfully offered to give Sulu a French kiss so that he stops hounding her, Sulu didn’t find it to be an interesting proposition. The handsome Zambian refused, hoping for much more. Sulu has certainly held on to hope and deserves to be given an ‘A’ for effort.
Will Sulu wear Selly down enough to finally get the Ghanaian to say yes to a relationship, or should he drop it already?
Cleo, Natasha, Pokello, Selly, Melvin and Annabel are up for possible Eviction this week. Vote now to keep your favourite Housemate in the game.

Selly Just Waiting For Sulu To Propose To Her!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Is Selly in Love?

selly sulu big brother africa
During a dairy session this week, Selly and Sulu got extremely fond of each other. Selly told Big Brother Africa Sulu is the most realistic person she has ever met and felt 'really good' around him.

Ghanian Chick and Zambian Dude

The Ghanaian lady, who was blushing and beaming with excitement, revealed to Big Brother that the Sulu has told her that he will come to Ghana to marry her, However, he hasn't proposed to her yet, she is confused.
selly sulu big brother africa

“He tells me that he loves me but I am unsure of which kind of love,” and stressed that she will not declared her affections for him now since the onus lies on Sulu, the man, to propose love to her."

Right after the Diary session, Selly jumped into Sulu’s open arms and confronted him with a question Big Brother had earlier on asked her: "Why won’t Sulu marry you in the Big Brother house?” An elated Sulu burst into an uncontrollable laughter.

Selly and Sulu Share Likeness

selly sulu big brother africa

During Sulu’s diary session, he told Big Brother that, he likes Selly. "We get along because we are the same. She likes fun and I like fun. I am single and open to anything but only God knows the destiny.”

Selly In a Relationship Outside BBA?

Selly is known to have a relationship with musician Steven Fiawoo (Praye Tiatia) of Praye fame.(See their picture here) Is this move in the Big Brother house real or just a strategy? Your move Africa!

Watch Sulu and Motamma Shower hour Video, BBA The Chase

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Big Brother Africa Shower Hour Videos;

Ladies can now have a moment of relief as this is one of the few shower hour videos that have men in them. Women had started complaining tha there were not shower hour videos of men being release. They should worry no more.

Watch Sulu and Motamma shower

Sulu is a Zambian contestant, to read more about Zulu, click here. Motamma on the other hand is one diva from Botswana. To know more about Motamma, click here.
motamma big brother africa

Shower Hour Videos

The video begins with Sulu, seated in a bathtub with a wash cloth in his hands. The Zambian contestant is seen soaping his arms and back while seated in the water. Moments later, he rises from the bathtub and his weiner is seen, kinda small (prob due to the water).

The Scene is then switched and we see Botswana's Motamma. The water seems hot as steam is all over the bathroom. Motamma is seen scrubbing her body with a washcloth. She is wearing a red hat, she has fake hair that is not supposed to touch water. In the last scene, Motamma is shown scrubbing between her legs. She likes to keep that area clean.


About Sulu, Big Brother Africa Contestant [Zambia]

Monday, 27 May 2013

Sulu, Big Brother Africa Contestant

sulu bba the chase,

From Zambia, Sulu is a rich 31 year old businessman. He is single and describes himself as a guy who loves people. He entered BBA because he thinks there is a alot to learn about ourselves. He promises viewers a lot of fun and life-changing lessons.

Sulu thinks the best thing about Africa is its potential for development. If he wins, he will invest in real estates as well a young people with bright future.

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